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Blame it on the Wedding Planner

Actualizado: 29 jul 2022

The aftermath of the uproar caused by a luxury wedding held in the historic center of Quito, mostly due to the political undertones of the situation and the tone or lack of attention and care evident in the infamous letter sent by the Wedding Planner to the municipal authorities, shone a light on the responsibility that always falls upon these white fairies for a big or small event.

But make no mistake – we won’t mention the risks that this profession entails, but rather the underlying truth that afflicts the professionals in this sector. Inevitably, "it’s the wedding planner’s fault."

The wedding planner is to blame for taking 10 minutes to remove a 3-day tent setup to please the bride’s ever-changing preferences.

The wedding planner is to blame for ensuring that neither the guests nor the bride and groom find out that the famous DJ hired for the wedding didn’t arrive on time, and that she had to improvise with Spotify so that no one felt that the atmosphere was lacking while she collapsed of stress.

She’s to blame for not being able to get the balloons that drifted away and got stuck in the top of a tree outside of the church, and that fortunately floated up into the sky as the wedding party was coming out.

It’s also the wedding planner’s fault that it rained in the middle of September on the beach, a month when it hardly ever rains on the coast, but who nevertheless stopped the problem from getting out of hand by ensuring that the sound systems did not short due of the rain.

It’s her fault that she didn’t overlook a single detail despite the fact that the bus driver took the guests to the wrong wedding, and that she managed to get them to the ceremony in time to start only 10 minutes late.

The wedding planner is also to blame for changing the church decor from horrendous to stunning in less than 10 minutes because the previous wedding was not on the schedule.

She was to blame for fixing the bride’s Vera Wang gown that the mother of the bride mistakenly brought on an 8-hour flight from New York.

The wedding planner is to blame for not booking the hotel for the top decorator who ended up in a motel, but who, in the end, had a place to sleep.

Weddings are not perfect; however, it’s the Wedding Planner's fault for pulling them off perfectly.

This is a short list of some of the incredible experiences that various wedding planners in the country shared with us. They miraculously turned potentially disastrous circumstances into opportunities to demonstrate their ability to solve problems in a matter of seconds. Working as a wedding planner is not and will never be easy, as it requires endless patience and determination.

And let’s be honest - life would be nothing without these stories that make you smile! At the same time, they show us how valuable we are in the world of weddings. In the end, it’s the result that counts.

And yes, the wedding planner is to blame.

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