New and extraordinary experiences from New York to South America.

We want to show you fabulous celebrations, introduce you to creative and inspiring entrepreneurs in the world of weddings, and show you the work of professional photographers who travel around the globe capturing love in the desert, in magical towns and in fascinating cities, telling stories, conveying their passion for each destination, and surprising us with real stories about the reinvention of love.

Digital apps for organizing weddings, planning trips or even looking for a romantic partner have changed the world as we know it, and there’s no turning back. Something that has not changed is our need to fall in love and to live intensely: a marriage proposal, an unexpected trip, and celebrating and spending time with our loved ones can also happen through technology.

If you haven’t decided on your destination yet, we hope that this special edition will encourage you to believe that dreams can still come true driven by the passion, dedication and love that we put into them.

Welcome to 2020 and to all of the possibilities that this new romantic adventure brings with it, and everything it can offer us for celebrating important events in their utmost expression.

Welcome to the special world of travelling, weddings and more in South America.

Welcome to the Romantic Destination Magazine.

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