Thinking about weddings and honeymoons in Ecuador as a business opportunity for international market

For the country, it goes hand in hand with dreams and romance – a concept that, although it may seem too passionate for these modern times, it´s really the foundation of society based on love and life as a couple.

Ecuador indeed preserves its traditions, with the most dazzling ceremonies held at churches with breath-taking gold interiors of the colonial era, many of them World Heritage Sites. It’s also about ranches and farms nestled in pristine forests, beaches and other natural settings that are sure to frame those magical words we all know well, that is, “I do”. This experience will be the first great chapter to starting a new life –

together! Indeed, it is in this conceptual dream that we rediscover romantic Ecuador with everything it offers us to celebrate important events.

Climate & Clothing Hints in Ecuador

Ecuador is Amazon, Andes, Pacific coast and Galapagos, all in one easy-to-visit country. Therefore, it’s important to check out what to expect and bring with you based on climate and location. Quito and the central valleys (Otavalo, Ambato, Riobamba, Cotacachi, Cuenca, Loja) have an early spring-type climate. In the high Andean regions (i.e. Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Antisana, El Cajas, Papallacta, Quilotoa, El Angel) it’s wintry cool and in the Galapagos, coastal lowlands (i.e. Esmeraldas, Mindo, Machalilla, Montañita, Isla de la Plata, Puerto López) and Amazon rainforest (i.e. Cuyabeno, Yasuní, Napo) warm and tropical. So dress accordingly. Sports clothes for the day. Lightweight rain gear is useful for brief showers. In general, dress as formal as you wish (establishments don’t require formal dress). Light cotton long-sleeve shirts/blouses are necessary for cool nights in the highlands and even the jungle or Galapagos.

What to Bring Checklist (review your itinerary before you pack).

  • Currency is the US Dollar (all coins and bills accepted, though 50 and 100 dollar bills are sometimes not accepted, especially in rural regions). ATMs found in major cities. Credit cards accepted (Visa, MasterCard). Travellers checks not accepted.

  • Valid passport (minimum 6 months). No visas are required. Visitors can stay up to 90 days. Bring two color copies.

  • Fold-up umbrella, sweater & windbreaker.

  • Two pairs of walking shoes / one pair flip-flops.

  • Waterproof hiking boots, thick socks & rain poncho.

  • Long & short sleeved shirts / blouses and T-shirts (6 total).

  • Lightweight pants (no jeans), cotton shorts & underwear.

  • Bathing suit & cloth hat.

  • Sunglasses (UV protection type).

  • Insect repellent & sunscreen (minimum 30 protection factor).

  • Personal snorkeling equipment (for the coast or Galapagos).

  • Standard camera and/or smart phone.

  • Canteen or water bottle, plus personal toiletries and medicines (malaria medication and yellow fever shots not required – kindly check with your local doctor for any questions you may have).

  • Flashlight or headlamp & lightweight binoculars

  • Daypack & notebook (preferably waterproof), plus extra duffel bag.

Welcome to the world of travel, weddings and more in Ecuador by getting ready for a fascinating visit you’re sure to treasure forever. Contact us and we will make it come true!

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